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Management for Medical Office (Cabinet)
Version 1.19 (2021)

Product that arises from the need to give support to the management of the Medical Office. It is a solution directed to obtain a dynamics of use of a high agility in a comfortable environment. It is rapid and simple to use, fleeing of the complexity without reducing efficiency, being employed at an environment of Windows.

Principal characteristics:

· Possibility of being able to be managed by several users with different languages.
· Management of Agenda from one alone interface graphical, completely configurable, that allows to organize the visits of several doctors in different locations, being able to move and to reorganize the schedules of the consultations with the mouse. Customize doctor's schedule. You can enter the start and end of work on a given day (hours in detail).
· Management and automatic access in the consultation of the scientific bases of information of Spain and France.
· Management of presentations of the CASS (Andorran Box of Social Security).
· Management of images (X-ray photographies, ultrasound scans, etc.).
· Personalized configuration of documents.
· Control of payments and collections.
· You base load of information of medical lenders of the CASS.
· Possibility of implementing additional modules or to measurement.
· Possibility of changing topic with the help of a bookshop of more than 150 skins.
· Possibility of personalizing the bottom of screen of the program.
· Possibility of exporting information and lists to different formats (pdf, xls, doc ..).
· Possibility of inserting images, objects, links and external documents to the program.
· Control of access for users.
· Debtors' management.
· In the management of invoicing, it uses simultaneously diverse forms of collection for a ticket.
· It allows to guard tickets in wait.
· The entry of tickets allows to work with the medical acts for letters.
· It manages external expenses and the cash fund.
· It allows more than one closing of box per day and for doctor.
· Consultation and impression of any closing of box or ticket at all time.
· it allows to personalize the documents of exit.
· Customize doctor's schedules.
· Complete management of bills and taxes.
· Complete management of different types of health insurance.
· Besides, it includes diverse utilities of calendar, calculator...
LISTS : Diagnoses in Patients, Procedures in Patients, Patient Labels, Safety movements, Daily Ticket, Medical Billing, Current Liabilities.

System requirements:
Pentium IV 1 GHz or higher, 600 MB free disk space and 1 GB of RAM minimum.
S.O. Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10/11 o superior.

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