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Interface accounting with

Meteor gesc ® and Andofarma3 ® Version 2.4.2 (2022)


As Compta ® is a software of accounting developed entirely in Andorra and that offers the possibility of contracting its maintenance, guaranteeing this way the future updates and technical service, as the rest of ASSOES's S.L. products.

Meteor gesc

Commercial Professional Management
Version 3.56 (2022)

It is a product efficient and simple to use in a stable platform and of easy adjustment. It is a software of Commercial Management and of Services, which works under the platform Windows, the support of which it is assumed of the own country (Andorra). A product has been created with the strictly necessary elements, of simple and almost intuitive use, which it evolves in a stable platform and of easy adjustment to the needs of its company and to its way of it works.
The program adapts to business different segments (mechanical workshops, bakeries, wholesalers, drug stores, shops of all kinds, supermarkets etc.) thanks to its flexibility, and by means of the additional modules.



Management for Office of Pharmacy and Drugstore
Version 3.69 (2022)

Product that arises from the need to give support to the management of the Andorran pharmacies and drugstores. In 1994 we initiate the works with the clear purpose of obtaining an application that, fleeing of the complexity and of the volume, it was contributing the strictly necessary elements to the management, in a comfortable, rapid environment and simply to use and with the possibility of being able to take advantage of configurations already existing in the platform PC.


Meteor gesc

Management for Medical Office (Cabinet)
Version 1.19 (2021)

Product that arises from the need to give support to the management of the Medical Office (Cabinet). It is a solution directed to obtain a dynamics of use of a high agility in a comfortable environment. It is rapid and simple to use, fleeing of the complexity without reducing efficiency, being employed at an environment of Windows.


The version of the Andomèdic for other countries.



Management of Receipts Version 3.04

Program of Management of Receipts for the real-estate administration. It allows to take the administration of different communities or owners, already it is for buildings, floors(flats) or places, and of it forms totally configurable for the user. The program has a series of automatisms that allow an agile management for the periods that are defined of the different receipts, which can be proceeded by paper(role) or route with electronic portfolio.


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