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Commercial Professional Management
Version 3.56 (2022)

It is a product efficient and simple to use in a stable platform and of easy adjustment. It is a software of Commercial Management and of Services, which works under the platform Windows, the support of which it is assumed of the own country (Andorra). A product has been created with the strictly necessary elements, of simple and almost intuitive use, which it evolves in a stable platform and of easy adjustment to the needs of its company and to its way of it works.
The program adapts to business different segments (mechanical workshops, bakeries, wholesalers, drug stores, shops of all kinds, supermarkets etc.) thanks to its flexibility, and by means of the additional modules. With a previous validation that improves the control of invoices sent.

Principal characteristics:

· Possibility of being able to manage several companies, currencies, languages and stores.
· Negotiations of buys and sales, as well as also internal negotiations of stores.
· Management of indirect taxes or of value added both of Andorra and of Spain.
· Panel of configuration for every company that allows to adapt the management to the particularities of the same one even to level of personalización for every user.
· It has a great quantity of lists and formulaic with the possibility of being able to form them.
· It has processes of purification of information and exportation to different formats (pdf, doc, xls...).
· It allows the integration of additional modules, even done to measurement, for very specific needs.
· It has tools that allow to realize periodic invoicings and notices of automatic maturities.
· It allows to execute invoicings for series and for clients' groupings.
· Possibility of creating an outline of articles from the order to a supplier, up to the invoicing to the final client.
· It allows to take a control of different numbers of series for article as well as a control of repairs.
·There incorporates an agent of code of bars for its creation and control.
· It allows the management of images with different functionalities of apprehension and insertion to the cards of articles.
· It has a module that allows to manage the articles up to thousand types of weight, measurement or capacity.
· It allows to create packs of articles and to manage the stock independently of the articles that integrate them.
· The sales management allows to execute budgets, conditional and asked clients.
· It allows to take a control of the collection portfolio, payments and of the bank risk.
· It allows to take a control and management of commissions to the sellers.
· There goes a management of the routes of allotment of commodity for the companies wholesalers.
· It has a module that allows to take a management of virtual shop for Internet directly from the program.
· It has a module to display product prices and other information through microkiosc of SYMBOL.
· It has a module to automate payments with CASH COMPLETE (ScanCoin) and other vending machines.
· It has a module to automate inventory with SCANPAL.
· It has a module to collect payment with credit cards with PINPAD.
· It has a module for the transfer accounting (ASCOMPTA and CONTAWIN).
· Possibility of inserting images, objects, links and external documents as well as of inserting from the own program.
· It has a safety system completely configurable for groups or for individual users.
· It allows to be able to form and the presentation to personalize, by means of more than 150 skins, of them screens and the bottomof screen of the application.
· It has tools of support (calculator, calendar ...) interactive with certain fields to facilitate the work of introduction of information and an interactive manual of help.
· To operative level the program is a multiuser, and besides it can work with different windows opened simultaneously, allowing that from a certain window they should can remove other procedures without having to leave the work that is in course.
· It supports a module of sales specializing of Terminal Point of Sale (Front Office) that allows to take from own terminal the management of the collections by means of all kinds of credits cards (Visa, MasterCard etc.) from the own application and in real time, route Internet.
· In the maintenance of articles, you can add comments on sales and purchases.
· Possibility of adding a second carrier, and enter the details of the amount of spending and taxes for each different retail spending.
· LISTINGS: Warehouse ( Articles Tags, Location Sales, Stocks, Inventory, Items not sold expired items, etc.), Customers (Tags Customers, Special Conditions, etc.),Purchases (Statistics/distributor + Articles, Comparative, Invoices, etc.), Sales (Statistics / Customers + Articles, Comparative, Customer Sales, etc.).

System requirements:
Pentium IV 1 GHz or higher, 600 MB free disk space and 1 GB of RAM minimum.
S.O. Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10/11.

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